Before we go ranting and running our mouth about the current power issue can we pause and ask ourselves this question, is it worth it? Should we be holding rallies and demonstrations about this worm that has now become a butterfly due to the negligence and shallow thinking of previous and current head of state?

            Since Dr Kwame Nkrumah built the Akosombo Dam, we have had not less than four heads of states and none of them saw the need to expand it neither did they foresaw what we are facing today. They are not to be blamed and I know many will skin me alive if they have the chance.

I will provide 500 KVIP’s yaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!…. I will construct streets in your village yaaaayyy!!!!…….. I will make your village the district in the metropolitan and more were what they promised and if you ask me they did deliver. They never promised you constant and uninterrupted power supply. So on whose words are you holding them on?

            What we are going through now is just a display of misplaced priority on the part of the citizens and the authorities. This cancer has become a house hold problem since the Kuffour’s regime but we are feeling the heat more cause increase in demand for power. Ghana is a fast growing nation with a lot of investors coming in each now and then. We are feeling it more because we now more than ever need constant power for the numerous industries and the raise in entrepreneurship.

 Every election year they come and promise us less relevant things. Our politicians don’t give us policies but rather propaganda and back biting and we the voters are fooled by this nonsense.

            Before you start apportioning blame look into your inner self and tell me the reason you had for voting for a particular party. 90% of us voted on tribal bases and the rest cause we know or he/she is a family of a friend. If we really listened to our politician very well you will agree me that none of them truly deserve our votes.

            Can we please stop the blame game and together find a solution to the economy’s cancer of our era. Yes our talks will awaken the authorities but do they have a solution? You might have a better way to end this, so I will encourage forums and discussions that will brainstorm to find solution to our woes.

            The IMF bailout, corruption, Illicit drug Trafficking and the fall of the Cedis is an equally important aspect of the economy that needs to be addressed also but our focus is on the power crises so much that we are blind to this issues. In our quest to solving this power issue I think other aspects of the economy should also be equally attended to else we will be sinking to an economic crunch.


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