Made in Ghana

The saying “If you don’t know where you from you don’t know where you are going”. It’s often used to encourage us to learn and keep our traditions and national values. Similarly we communicate a lot to the world through our cloths, language, food and music among many others.

If we don’t believe and use our own products who will? With the right joy and enthusiasm towards buying made in Ghana goods the foreigner will see the essence in doing so too. Patronage of “made in Ghana goods” will not only tell of our origin but also have a lot of benefits to it.

One of such benefits is the creation of jobs, right from the raw material stage to the finishing stage of production. when there is an increase in demand of goods made in Ghana here it’s going to call for increased in supply thereby creating the need for employing more hands to meet demand

Foreign exchange earnings is also another benefit that is driven from patronage of made in Ghana goods. Exportation of these indigenous products to the western world and beyond is an incoming generation for the country at large.

Patronages of made in Ghana goods will help reduce poverty rate in Ghana. So with the patronage of their product, we are indirectly contributing to their business financially.

Stories, folk tales and myths’ of our great nation are all inculcated into the production of products such as bags, sculptures, cloth etc. through the purchasing of made in Ghana goods we are inviting people all across the world to our homes and lives to learn about our way of doing things.

Sankor fa yen kyi” as our elders said. It’s never too late going back to our roots, let’s eat our fufu and banku, wear our local prints and speak our local dialects only because no one else define us better than ourselves.

My mum always says “Adzi wofieaa oye”, at first I thought she was being selfish but as I grow up I have come understand her better, and all she was trying to say is we all also deserve good things. Let’s rally behind our Ghanaian entrepreneurs by buying made in Ghana good sand together will help build a better Ghana.


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